How to do the track your shipments?

Track your shipments (both national and international) is a very useful tool to track your package, and it is essential in order to know what stage it is in each part of the process, if it has reached your destination or is still on the way.

Tracking your shipment is very easy!

In order to check the status of your package and receive tracking information about it, you simply must:

  • Visit our tracking page.
  • Add the tracking number.
  • Wait for the system to verify the current status of the package.
  • Check the status of your shipment.

In addition, if you have not yet placed your order, you have the Ship Now tool available to quote the cost according to weight, length and destination.

What is the tracking number?

The tracking number, or tracking code, is a unique number assigned to each package; therefore, it allows you to control the movement of the package between the countries where they were sent and even within the country.

When can you start track your shipments?

You should consider that tracking information may not be available until 24 or 48 hours after an item is shipped, after this time, you will be able to track your shipment without any issue.

Package Status

Likewise, when you use our tracking page, the current status of your package will be reflected in one of these definitions:

  • Not found
  • In transit
  • Collected
  • Undelivered
  • Delivered
  • Expired

At the same time, when the tracking is complete, we will show you the status according to the tracking information.

Do you have any questions about how to track your shipments?

If you have any additional questions about the monitoring of your packages, you can use our live chat to solve it. You can also contact us through our email tor@omegatradingcargo.com or our phone number 1-800-213-2289.

At Omega Cargo Express we guarantee the security and speed of delivery of your shipments, we are committed to our customers in providing an efficient and quality service.

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