You can buy from anywhere in the world in Canada by creating your virtual box in Omega Cargo Express and with the tools we provide you, you can send your packages to one of our 5 destinations in: USA, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru.

Creating your locker will only take a few minutes, >> enter this link to register <<

We become your available space 24/7 in Canada to receive your parcels, you only have to use our address as the shipping address when you buy online

How do I know where is my package?


Let us know that your package is on the way to our address to speed up the processing and to ensure that you have all the information requested by the customs of the country where you are going to send it.

If you want you can quote your package before making any shipment, this will allow you to compare prices between Omega Cargo Express and any other parcel company.

Track your package

Since the shipment arrives to our address, you will receive step-by-step alerts on the status and where is your package in the process.

You only pay for the shipping of your package

Only pay the logistics cost of your package made by Omega Cargo Express with the payment method of your choice:

  • Pay using PayPal (no account required).
  • Credit or debit card.
  • Bank deposit.

Do you have any question about our Omega Virtual Box service?

If you have any additional questions about the door-to-door service of the Omega Cargo Express, you can use our live chat to solve it. You can also contact us through our email tor@omegatradingcargo.com or our phone number 1-800-213-2289.

At Omega Cargo Express we guarantee the security and speed of delivery of your shipments, we are committed to our customers in providing an efficient and quality service.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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